ENKA manufactures viscose filament yarns under its own proprietary technology in a complex manufacturing process. Such yarns consist of multiples of endless single filaments, which are winded on bobbins or beams at the end of the manufacturing process.

Endless yarns under the trademark ENKA® Viscose are suitable for numerous textile enduses and available in many varieties (denier, number of filaments, cross section and luster).

ENKA® Viscose offers for textile processing / fabric producers

  • numerous fashion applications with different fabric constructions,
    brilliant dye uptake and hand-feel
  • high efficiency in further processing
  • a sustainable raw material

Fabrics made of ENKA® Viscose offer for the garment industry, retailers and consumers
  • a high-value product made of a natural, renewable raw material
  • 100% biological degradability
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Class I & Appendix 6 (Z1.0.0541)
  • skin-friendlyness
  • optimal wearer’s comfort, low electrostatic charging and a feel well-character caused by the specific hygroscopic properties of ENKA® Viscose

ENKA® Viscose offers for technical and medical applications
  • High yarn purity
  • Superior chemical and thermal binding properties
  • Low electrostatic charging

ENKA® Viscose has received the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute's Gold level Material Health Certificate. Additionally, ENKA® Viscose has been selected as „responsible fiber“ according to the Fairtrade Textile Standard by nonprofit organization Fairtrade International. Therefore, ENKA® Viscose can be used in supply chains that are certified entirely under the terms of the Fairtrade Textile Standard.