ENKA Viscose
ENKA® Viscose filament yarn is based on the renewable raw material wood, which consists of 40 – 50 % cellulose – the most common organic and renewable plant material. ENKA is exclusively sourcing FSC® certified cellulose, which fully originates from local, legal and sustainable forestation. Therefore, ENKA itself is FSC® certified and has developed its own Wood Pulp Procurement Policy in order to promote sustainable forest management and the protection of ancient and endangered forests. Within the framework of the CanopyStyle Initiative, ENKA was successfully audited as the first filament yarn producer (please find the full results of the CanopyStyle audit). ENKA® Viscose has received the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute's Gold level Material Health Certificate. Additionally, ENKA® Viscose has been selected as „responsible fiber“ according to the Fairtrade Textile Standard by nonprofit organization Fairtrade International. Therefore, ENKA® Viscose can be used in supply chains that are certified entirely under the terms of the Fairtrade Textile Standard.

Sustainable working is mandatory for ENKA. Therefore ENKA aims at balancing commercial operations and safeguarding our ecological resources. ENKA strives for long-term competitiveness at the most considerate use of resources in a difficult global competitive environment.

Many industry sectors, such as the chemical fibers’ industry, have a long tradition in pursuing initiatives for sustainability. In order to judge ENKA’s stand as regards to sustainability matters, the following product-specific factors have to be taken into consideration:
  • use of raw materials, energy and other resources in ENKA’s production
  • emission of solid, liquid and aerous waste
  • use of ENKA’s products and the after-use phase