Raw materials, energy
& other resources
Wood and cellulose – the main raw materials of ENKA – originate from the cellulose circuit and are a product of photosynthesis:

Our pulp supplier procures pine wood from trees that are planted, grown, harvested and re-forested according to the principles of sustainable forestry. They come from proven legal and sustainable sources. Accordingly, ENKA’s suppliers of pulp and wood are certified according to the strict FSC standards. Wood as a source of raw material is always CO2 neutral for our climate, as the use of wood can only release the same amount of CO2, which was earlier bound in the plant during photosynthesis.

  • Pulp Supplier: GP Cellulose
  • Wood Species: Pinus elliottii, Pinus taeda
  • Wood Source: USA (Georgia, Florida)
  • Pulp Mill: Foley, FL, USA

Pulp originates from this natural, renewable resource – this is, why viscose is called a “natural” polymer. The by-products, which arise during the separation of pulp from wood, are refined to ethanol or used as organic fuel.

The manufacturing of viscose filament yarn according to ENKA’s spinning technology is a chemical-technical process with different process steps, which takes – depending on the make-up of ENKA® Viscose – up to six weeks.

ENKA is producing with material cycles and uses equipment to regain used raw materials in recovery processes in order to achieve significant reductions in the use of raw materials and emissions.

ENKA uses energy from an energy-efficient co-generated power plant (heat and power) at the Obernburg site.

ENKA is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 50001:2018, FSC® and has developed its own Wood Pulp Procurement Policy in order to promote sustainable forest management and the protection of ancient and endangered forests. Within the framework of the CanopyStyle Initiative, ENKA was successfully audited as the first filament yarn producer (please find the full results of the CanopyStyle audit).

A helpful tool to check the sustainability of wood origins is Canopy´s ForestMapper.